Maharishi Charak Ayurvedic Centre

Maharishi Charak Ayurvedic Centre, a holistic ayurvedic clinic providing anti arthritis drug, herbal ayurvedic treatment, arthritis ayurvedic treatment and educates with the causes of condition as well as its symptoms.

Dr. Virender Mahajan

With a vision to promote the ayurvedic system of treatment Dr. Virender Mahajan, established Maharishi Charak Ayurvedic Center in Jammu and Kashmir. Driven by a holistic approach towards health care, Dr. Mahajan discovered various traditional solutions to the diseases like arthritis and rheumatism. Dr. Mahajan has participated in number of scientific conferences /seminars in and outside the country. He is known as a discover of Anti Arthritis Herbal Drug S. Compound, that is 100% herbal and does not contain any sorts of chemicals/heavy metals or synthetics.

  • Pranacharya (Delhi) N.D (Lko) D.Sc (Sri Lanka)
  • Fellow International Council for Ayurveda (USA)
  • Former Chairman Board of Indian Medicine, J&K Govt.
  • Recipient of National Award from HE, The President of India
  • Recipient of J&K Govt. Award on the eve of Independence Day
  • Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner
Dr. Virender Mahajan

I don't hope for a Kingdom, nor do I ask for heaven or freedom after life, only I ask for all life free from pain & Sufferings - Dr. Virender Mahajan

About S. Compound


Arthritis is fully curable if treated in time with non-steroidal herbal drug S. Compound; The drug has been tested at National & International level with proven efficacy. Arthritis is a very painful disease; it leads to deformity in uncontrolled conditions.

Completely safe, Natural & scientifically tested Thriving on the benefits of ayurveda, we have discovered natural solutions to arthritis and rheumatism that were once considered incurable. Through extensive research and development, we succeeded in discovering Anti Arthritis Herbal Drug S Compound, that is 100% herbal and does not contain any sorts of chemicals/heavy metals or synthetics. Our herbal medicine S Compound has addressed itself to the fundamental principles of good health and longevity.

Completely safe, Natural & scientifically tested

We are Specialized in

Our special treatment is given under the guidance of our experts. They will diagnose the ailment and treat accordingly.
Herbal Ayurvedic Treatment
Arthritis Ayurvedic Treatment
Knee Pains Treatment
Joint/Back Pains Treatment


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"Dr. Hardyal Singh advised us to take medicine from you for my wife as she has been suffering from joints pain
since from 45 years and we had tried many medicines. As he advised your medicines are very effective for joints pain."

Tarseem Singh

"Complimenting Dr. Virender Mahajan for his wonderful discovery, Mr. Patel said that his wife who had been unable to walk earlier had recently visited Mata Vaishno Devi without feeling any sort of pain."

Mr. Patel
Former Union Minister, Govt. of India

"As advised by Dr. Mahajan I use S.Compound for about six months and did feel relief in finger joints. I am not taking ant medicine for Rheumatics Arthritis since months and feel relief."

Dr. V.P. Mathur