About S. Compound

A LEUKOTRIENE INHIBITOR, Completely safe, Natural & scientifically tested


COMPOSITION: Salai gum (Boswellia Serrata) processed in Rasnadi Kwatha & Suranjan : 300 mg

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Boswellic acids are a complex mixture of Pentacyclic Triterpenic acids. B - boswellic acids Acetyl-B-boswellic acid 11-Keto-B-boswellic acids Acetyl-11-Keto-B- boswellic acids

INTRODUCTION: Rheumatism is derived from the Greek Word rheumatismos which designated “mucus as an evil humor which was thought to flow from the brain to the joints and other parts of the body producing pain” Rheumatic diseases are chronic or sub-acute, systematic inflammatory disorders principally involving the small joints of the hand wrists, ankles, knees and cervical spines. The shoulder elbow and hip joints in the body may be affected in more severe form. According to Ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine practiced in India and Asia since centuries “AAMA” which is abode of many diseases in an established major cause of Rheumatic diseases. “AAMA” is undigested product of diminished “AGNI” in a person who indulges in a mutually contradictory foods, leads a sedentary life, eats unctuous food does not perform any exercise or various such other factors. Arthritis is one of the most neglected disease yet. In view of the draw backs, a search was launched to identify a safe and active anti-arthritic drug, a lead was taken from the ancient books of Ayurveda “Sushruta Samhita & Charak Samhita” salai Gugglu ex Boswellia serrata was identified and processed as S.COMPOUND

PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY: Chronic Toxicity in rabbits for three months: Salai guggul in 2% gum acacia in two doses and one control of 2% gum acacia were administered orally in three groups of rabbits. Hematological and biochemical estimation revealed no deviation from normal parameters. Macroscopic and microscopic examination of vital organs revealed no change in weight, size, coloration and histo pathology. Chronic toxicity in monkeys also showed no change in hematological and biochemical parameters.

THERAPEUTIC USES: It is used in rheumatic disorders. Morning stiffness & Pain, Joint Swelling, increases mobility, Improves functional activity, Feeling of well-being. It strikes at the root of the disease; restores the freedom of movement. It is devoid of adverse effects- gastric irritation; peptic ulcer, hemorrhages bleeding of GIT