Profile Dr. Virender Mahajan

A brainchild of Dr. Virender Mahajan, Maharishi Charak Ayurvedic Centre is a holistic health care clinic offering an integrated approach to health care through the treatment of ayurveda like anti arthritis drug, herbal ayurvedic treatment. The clinic offers safe and effective treatment for diseases like: herbal ayurvedic treatment, arthritis ayurvedic treatment. We, at our clinic take pride in the fact that our therapists work together as a team in the best interests of their patients. In the present age of synthetic drugs which while giving temporary symptomatic relief, create many other complications and side effects, ultimately leading the patient to nowhere, Maharishi Charak Ayurvedic Centre offers a glimmer of hope for the patients of Rheumatic and Arthritis Diseases who can get rid of this immobilizing malady without any side effect, with the help of herbal medicines.

We, at our clinic attend to the entire person, including the mind and body, as a whole, not as parts or segments. We attempt to maximize the body's own natural healing resources to combat and prevent disease. Ayurveda, as a chosen method of treatment that is based on natural therapies and medication, has enabled us reach out across the globe, thereby promoting the traditional method of cure.

About Founder

With a vision to promote the ayurvedic system of treatment Dr. Virender Mahajan, established Maharishi Charak Ayurvedic Center in Jammu and Kashmir. Driven by a holistic approach towards health care, Dr. Mahajan discovered various traditional solutions to the diseases like arthritis and rheumatism. Dr Mahajan has participated in number of scientific conferences /seminars in and outside the country. He is known as a discoverer of Anti Arthritis Herbal Drug S Compound, that is 100% herbal and does not contain any sorts of chemicals/heavy metals or synthetics.

Why Us

  • We are a fully integrated clinic taking care of each aspect of patient's treatment, right from diagnosing the symptoms to complete cure.
  • We possess a team of doctors and specialists who by leveraging their experience in practice, have assured complete cure of disease.
  • We focus primarily on the patient and practitioner relationship so as to provide a complete holistic approach to treatment.
  • Our relationship with the patient goes beyond the complete cure and we maintain valuable records pertaining to our patients for future consultation.